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These (web) pages here are presenting some silly thoughts of mine on matters which I have to deal with daily. Don't take them too seriously, yet you can freely take them away.

Having warned you, here is a little bit of background of myself for you to filter and perceive my thoughts in accordance with.

My name is Vehbi Sinan Tunalioglu. I was born in Turkey into a lovely family, grown up in Izmir, lived in Istanbul, Singapore and India respectively. Currently, I am living in Singapore with my lovely wife, Marlynna. We like travelling and experiencing different lifes.

I studied business administration, computer science, international finance and organization studies. For my passion and living, I lectured computer science, researched on statistical computing and political economy, co-founded and partnered at start-ups.

I have symphaty for all kinds of advocacy, no matter of what motivation, as long as it does not involve and/or result in oppression of any kind and degree.

Last but not least, I do not have any facebook account, but still have friends. Very good ones, indeed...