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Here is a quick summary of my ongoing work, projects and affiliations, in no particular order.

Free and Open Source Projects

  • callfest An R Package for calling functions over a combination of arguments
  • d3plotxts: A d3-based Javascript library to plot multiple time series data
  • jaxmml: A Java library and command line application to parse, manipulate and generate XMML files
  • mgarch: An MGARCH (BEKK Specification) simulation estimation and estimation package
  • REpochX: A grammatical evolution application based on R and EpochX
  • agentgui: A GUI Editor for X-Machines Markup Language
  • rkvo: An R Package for reading files containing observations consisting of arbitrary key/value pairs
  • kountry: A Python library which provides country data
  • kurrency: A Python library which provides currency data and simple forex utilities

Projects Currently Involved In

  • EURACE: An Agent-based Model of the European Economy
  • ORS: Optimal Risk Sizing Technology for Asset Management Companies
  • ISVS: Online Skill Assessment and Verification Technology

Companies Affiliated With