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JIRA Command Line Interface

We are using Atlassian JIRA On Demand. It is very slow and becomes very annoying when trying to organize multiple projects. For now, I decided to use a command line application, jira-cli to quickly check my issues on JIRA. Here is how I utilize it using my bash configuration.

Red5 and RESTEasy in 3 Steps

Red5 is a media streaming server which is implemented using Java and bundled in a Tomcat application container. Decoupling it from Tomcat is a bit troublesome. If you want to add a bit of HTTP REST flavour to your application without the hassle of decoupling it from Tomcat, you can use RESTEasy. Here is how I did it.

Abstraction as Bread and Butter

I find first pages of a book as the most instructive ones for many reasons. When I look into a good book which I've read many years ago, I still find those first pages more interesting and inspiring.

R Startup Profiles

It is a useful practice to customize the initialization of R. This is achieved through R_PROFILE (system wide) and R_PROFILE_USER (user specific) files which are both simple R scripts.