JIRA Command Line Interface

Published on 05-04-2014

We are using Atlassian JIRA On Demand. It is very slow and becomes very annoying when trying to organize multiple projects. For now, I decided to use a command line application, jira-cli to quickly check my issues on JIRA. Here is how I utilize it using my bash configuration.

It works better by adding the following to .bash_profile (you need to install csvlook):

function vst-jira-mine {
    test -n "$1" && PROJECT="project='${1}' AND "

    jira-cli \
        --oneline \
        -f '%project|%key|%status|%priority|%summary' \
        --search-jql="${PROJECT}assignee=currentUser() AND resolution=Unresolved ORDER BY priority DESC, updatedDate DESC" \
        | csvlook -d '|' -H

To list all my issues sorted according to priority and update date, I use:


and to list the same limited to a particular project:

vst-jira-mine PROJECT-CODE

It works, for now...