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JIRA Command Line Interface

Published on 05-04-2014

We are using Atlassian JIRA On Demand. It is very slow and becomes very annoying when trying to organize multiple projects. For now, I decided to use a command line application, jira-cli to quickly check my issues on JIRA. Here is how I utilize it using my bash configuration.


Red5 and RESTEasy in 3 Steps

Published on 02-02-2014

Red5 is a media streaming server which is implemented using Java and bundled in a Tomcat application container. Decoupling it from Tomcat is a bit troublesome. If you want to add a bit of HTTP REST flavour to your application without the hassle of decoupling it from Tomcat, you can use RESTEasy. Here is how I did it.


Unreasonable Revolutionary

Published on 10-06-2012

"How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method" by George PĆ³lya provides a detailed and entertaining survey of general methods for problem solving, namely Heuristics. I guess that most people dealing with mathematics in daily life have read this book.


Abstraction as Bread and Butter

Published on 19-05-2012

I find first pages of a book as the most instructive ones for many reasons. When I look into a good book which I've read many years ago, I still find those first pages more interesting and inspiring.


R Startup Profiles

Published on 07-02-2012

It is a useful practice to customize the initialization of R. This is achieved through R_PROFILE (system wide) and R_PROFILE_USER (user specific) files which are both simple R scripts.


Redefining the Ontology of Accounting

Published on 15-01-2012

The human-kind has been performing accounting for more than 7,000 years. This discipline does not only give us the arithmetic means to plan, execute and assess business transactions, but also the universal language of business.

In particular, we have been using the double-entry bookkeeping system for about the last 5 centuries as a framework to record transactions. Furthermore, with the help of the concept of ledgers, we have been consolidating transactions and reporting summaries of them through standardized documents such as balance sheets, income statements etc.

So far, so good... But is it all good? I have some doubts. In the following, I will briefly explain two concerns of mine. By the end, a recent ontological movement follows which really excites me.